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Manufacturer Warranty: No Warranty

Option: YT12-BS Case Style

Manufacturer Part Number: AG-AT12-BS-HD-RS,AG-AT12BS-HD-RS

Brand: Antigravity Batteries


Worlds first battery with built-in jump-starting
Our one-of-a-kind RE-START Technology intelligently monitors its voltage and will put itself to sleep if it senses over-discharge, yet amazingly saves just enough reserve energy to start your vehicle
For example you left your motorcycle lights on overnightnormally a dead battery emergency, but not with the restart function; simply press the RE-START Button located on top of the battery to start your vehicle and drive away
No need for jumper cables, booster pack or assistance
All the RE-START batteries feature our new 4-terminal post design allowing easy installation and fitment in any vehicle
Also, a RE-START remote button will soon be available so you can activate the RE-START without accessing the battery, or removing seat or fairing on the vehicle